Rev. KM Williams – The Reviews

The music that KM Williams plays reflects his interest in the roots of the blues – his guitar playing is very rhythmic, very concentrated melodic riffs and melodically responsive to the sung tune. His sound is harsh and decisive.

— Yaron Ben Ami

The dirty sound, the tapping guitar picking, the tough voice of Williams and the repertoire of old and new blues songs – all of which fostered the anticipated juke atmosphere upon the club.

— Ben Shalev, Haaretz

Before the end Bar Rashi and Dorchin returned and the show leaped on the electric train tracks, speeding and rolling a great stampede to the finish. At this stage the club “juke factor” was so high it was hard to distinguish between the beating of Bar Rashi and the stomping of the crowd.

— Ben Shalev, Haaretz

Robert Belfour in Israel – Reviews

Belfour gave us a memorable two hours. A Memorable, half master class and half of an ancient voodoo ritual, without any softening layer of any filter.

Amos Harel, HAARETZ

…him, his guitar and the whole history of black people in America over hundreds of years.

Ben Shalev, HAARETZ

It’s hard to point exactly to what made it, but in the moment that Belfour started pulling his magic from the guitar, time stood still. It was hard not to wonder, Belfour plays so well that every year dozens of young guitarists going that tree at the intersection in Mississippi hoping the devil would give them half the capability of Robert Belfour exchange for their souls.

At this point it was clear to the audience that the real thing came to town. Tel Aviv will not forget this performance.

Belfour gave a Blues performance that few were lucky enough to witness, two hours in which he produced the best of his repertoire, while giving a  little lesson in blues guitar to the audience, and proved to be an acoustic blues guitar virtuoso who controls several tunings and different scales, and does it well. He was in top form and gave a performance one of the best he had, the audience received a great display.

Belfour’s creativity level is the highest of it’s kind to be found these days in blues and it’s amazing to see how a single man with a guitar can do so many creative and different things and it works well today.

— Tommer Levin, Mr. Whale (translated with permission)