Nobody’s Fault Productions is an Israeli production company, dedicated to bring the real blues to Israeli listeners.

Established by Yamit Hagar, who’s thirst for old time, acoustic Mississippi blues knows no limit, and by her business partner Oren Gampel, who had no prior experience in the music industry, but believed Yamit when she told him that there are billions to be made, especially in Blues!

Together they already brought veteran bluesman Robert Belfour to a triumphant show in a major Tel Aviv venue, where a thousand ecstatic Israeli blues fans gave him one standing ovation after another, and then bringing the reverend KM Williams to share his church-tinged blues with enthusiastic Israeli fans.

The following musicians were LC Ulmer as the main act at the Intimidbar Festival down south, Ben Prestage, Terry ‘Harmonica’ Bean, Super Chikan Johnson, Bob Log III, and lately Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton on a 10 days tour playing 10 shows all over Israel, where all tickets shows were sold out and he got outstanding media reviews.

In a very short time Nobody’s Fault Productions had already become a major player in Israel’s thriving blues scene, and is at the vanguard of Israel’s new thirst for the real down home blues.

Nobody’s Fault Productions’ goal is to bring more great blues to Israel and support local blues scene.

Contact details:

Yamit Hagar: yamit at nobodysfaultproductions dot com

Oren Gampel: oren at nobodysfaultproductions dot com

Nobody’s Fault Productions on Facebook

Nobodys Fault Productions’ YouTube channel

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